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BNAI SEPHARAD now is found at:

to the Bnai Sepharad gateway

This page links to

    BNAI SEPHARAD main page, which lists Sepharadi/Mizrachi congregations and organizations around the world and links to URLs (web sites) of interest to Sephardim

    Message Center where visitors may leave messages for other visitors ... such as "I am looking for {person's name or object -- such as Ladino sedurim}"

    and, we want additional Sephardi-related information such as Familial Mediteranean Fever.

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Why the changes?

BNAI SEPHARAD is maturing from a page identifying Sepharadi/Mizrachi congregations to a page for things of general Sepharadi/Mizrachi interest.

If you have something appropriate for this URL, please tell me about it via email.

Check back here from time to time to see what changes have been made.

Yohanon Emek
Yohanon Emek

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